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Welcome to the DiDia / Di Dia Project

The Di Dia or DiDia Project was start when I started researching my own family history. It seems that not only did my great grandfather Giacomo Di Dia aka Chris Dee arrived here with his brothers, but also some Cousins, Sisters, Uncles and even some Aunts came here too. I made this project base on all the records found in of all death records recorded and stored. I have made this list in hopes to find all their burials or (Final Resting Place), in hopes to tie some of these family lineage. So far there are 105 recorded deaths of Di Dia or DiDia. With your help, we can help those find their family history.

I will pay you $5.00 each for every successful location. There are some criteria that must be followed to retrieve your reward.

#1 - You have to provided proof of the location of the subject by doing the following. Create the memorial on and provide me the memorial #, the memorial must have a grave site marker or headstone photographic either by you or another member of Photos from another source such as from a family tree must be approved from the owner of that tree to uses on The names on the marker or headstone must be visible. If the subject is bury there and there is no marker, or the marker is unreadable then please provide PLOT location on the memorial page. I will verify the burial with the cemetery office.

#2 - The memorial can not be a duplicated of another memorial. So search the website, before you create the memorial. The memorial has to be current (new) memorial. If the memorial already exist, please let me know, so that I can update the database.

#3 - Memorial must be posted in the correct cemetery. No reward will be granted if memorial is found to be in the wrong cemetery. So verify that the subject is indeed bury there. An additional $5.00 will be added on if you can provide an obituary. A copy of obituary must be in .JPG or .PDF format, and must be readable. An obituary alone will not be accepted and reward will not be granted. A memorial must be made on following with the criteria of rules above.

Here's how to contact me.
In the Subject Line add Name of subject and Memorial #. Please give me a week to review the memorial. In the body of the email add your Name and mailing address to receive your funds. I will also do PayPal if you have an account, or donate your portion to sponsor any memorial page on

If this is your first time here and you want to help, here are some useful tools to help you help us! Note: some of these services do cost money, some have free week or 30 days for new users, but some are free!,, FamilySearch,org,,,,,